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Why Juniors Love DiscoverGolf Junior Golf Camps

Game Based Learning

We take the “adult language” out of outdated instruction models and infuse our deep understanding of junior golf into captivating game play. Our trove of 500+ learning games have been rigorously tested with thousands of junior golfers and are incredibly effective at increasing enthusiasm for the game and encouraging emergent skill development.

Build Skills

There is nothing more exhilarating than the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with experiencing true skill improvement. The combination of meticulously design game improvement stations augmented by one on one expert coaching is a proven formula for producing improvement at light speed!

Our App

Our gamified learning system captures the psychological motivators of video games that modern juniors relate to, adding intrigue, feedback, guidance and a novel interface that helps juniors grasp the immediate and long-term steps towards mastery.

Our Coaches

Our team of expert coaches is dedicated to the pursuit of bringing a lifelong love of the sport to every junior that comes to a DiscoverGolf program. With that pledge comes coaching that is age and skill appropriate and delivered in a way that helps the junior reach their most authentic, and inherently best solution.

Why Parents Love DiscoverGolf Junior Golf Summer Camps


DiscoverGolf is a product of 10 years hypothesis testing. At the intersection of developmental psychology, motor learning, game design, and digital craftsmanship come is a product and coaching methodology that has provided with tens of thousands of junior golfers with lower scores and memories for a lifetime.

Customized Experiences

We recognize that each junior athlete brings a unique fingerprint to our group training. Our programs strike a balance between presenting our most popular and effective class design with dynamic program features that support the limitations and existing skill set of each junior athlete.

Holistic Approach

Golf is an incredible medium for communicating a diverse range of themes. Our values as a coaching collective is to help juniors gain perspective on how the preparation towards becoming physically and mentally prepared for golf will have positive effects on all aspects of their life.


As a DiscoverGolf parent, you are invited to become an active participant in your junior’s golf improvement journey. With our parent portal, you will receive direct to coach communication alongside detailed skill progression analysis and video descriptions of each coaching intervention.

Camp Layout

An Overhead View of Our Station-Based Program



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