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DiscoverGolf App


The DiscoverGolf app is helping thousands of juniors access the game of golf by introducing them to the “new metrics” of golf improvement. Enthusiasm for the “game” of golf is the ultimate determinate for a junior’s prospects, so capturing and sustaining intrigue, curiosity, and satisfaction has become our north star. Our gamified approach to learning inspires our improvement community to organize their efforts around immersive play; coach supervised interventions and a self-guided exploration of our feature-rich system.





Skill Building

Our students learn by actively engaging within high fidelity practice environments that illustrate critical elements and opportunities for golf improvement. We don’t believe in the outdated principles of a “one size fits all” approach to technique. We replace these demotivating and ineffective practices with game-based coaching solutions that implore juniors to search for their own best movement solutions amidst a fun and variable set of conditions.

If you have witnessed or been a part of a large group setting that was mandated to:
– to watch a “coach” demonstrate a golf swing you were not at a DiscoverGolf camp
– listen to a constant stream of “tips,” focusing your attention, internally, to how your body feels
– told that how you move or play golf is “wrong.”
You were NOT at a DiscoverGolf camp.


Game-Based Learning

Quite possibly the most significant distinguisher of DiscoverGolf is our aptitude for creating effective junior golf games. Our games are cataloged and demarcated for use within various coaching objectives, student types, development phases, complexity- emergence, and additional “ non- traditional”categories. Seeing games through these lenses allows our staff to craft human-centric experiences that appropriately frame golf as both a sport, but also a backdrop for social interaction and unbridled fun.

Game-Based Learning


Analogy-Based Learning


Our approach towards junior golf instruction includes an emphasis on analogy-based coaching techniques. Our expert coaching staff has the uncanny ability to highlight, emphasize, and teach otherwise complex golf science into easy to grasp themes. We use the latest in digital media technology to produce vivid displays of these concepts, all of which are uploaded to each students DiscoverGolf app creating an approachable and FUN way to learn!


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